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Hi All. How Do I Read Out The Pipeline Configuration (Attached To The Pipeline Via Connect_Configuration) Inside A Task, Which I Created Via Add_Function_Step() For The Same Pipeline. We Have Tried Use A Pre_Execute_Callback, And Then Acess `Node.Job.Task

Hi all. How do I read out the pipeline configuration (attached to the pipeline via connect_configuration) inside a task, which I created via add_function_step() for the same pipeline. We have tried use a pre_execute_callback, and then acess node.job.task inside it but it is None (not the expected task to be configured). Have a great weekend.

Posted 4 months ago
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Hi @<1543766544847212544:profile|SorePelican79>
You want the pipeline configuration itself, not the pipeline component, correct?

pipeline = Task.get_task(Task.current_task().parent)
conf_text = pipeline.get_configuration_object(name="config name")

conf_dict = pipeline.get_configuration_object_as_dict(name="config name")
Posted 4 months ago

Hi Martin, many thanks! that looks promising, will check

Posted 4 months ago
2 Answers
4 months ago
4 months ago