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Hi Everyone, Is It Possible On Clearml, Before Run A Task Using By Agent/Remotely We Can Implement Some Script Python? The Usecase Here I Want To Export Some Env Settings Before Task Started Execute.

hi everyone,
is it possible on clearml, before run a task using by agent/remotely we can implement some script python?
the usecase here i want to export some ENV settings before task started execute.

Posted 4 months ago
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Answers 2

I’m running the agent in ‘pip’ mode. I need to fetch certain secret values, which would be best done using Python code. If I incorporate it into the script (repository), others could deduce the path to retrieve the environment or secret value. Storing the environment variables in the clearml.config isn’t very flexible either.

Posted 4 months ago

Hi @<1523701260895653888:profile|QuaintJellyfish58> , if you run in docker mode you can easily add environment variables.

Can you elaborate a bit on your use case? If it's python code, why not just put it in the original file or import from the repo?

Posted 4 months ago
2 Answers
4 months ago
3 months ago