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Hello Everyone, I'M Trying To Transfer Datasets From One Server To Another. Since In The Old Format The Server Was Deployed In K8S And In The New One In Docker Compose, Unfortunately, The Data Storage Format Is Different And You Cannot Directly Copy The M

Hello everyone, I'm trying to transfer datasets from one server to another. Since in the old format the server was deployed in k8s and in the new one in docker compose, unfortunately, the data storage format is different and you cannot directly copy the meta date from one storage to another. Must be transferred manually. Are there any examples of how to transfer data from one remote server to another in a simplified mode?

Remote_server_v1 -> local -> Remote_server_v2

Posted 5 months ago
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Hi @<1524560082761682944:profile|MammothParrot39> , datasets are represented by tasks, and in both cases this data is stored in MongoDB, so the format is actually the same - what exactly were you trying to copy?

Posted 5 months ago
1 Answer
5 months ago
5 months ago
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