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Hi Everyone! Is There A Way I Can Get Task.Get_Task() To Work Without Using Task_Id When Running Tasks As A Pipeline ? Im Trying To Access Old Pipeline Runs/Artifacts On My Current Pipeline But

Oh I see, try the following to get a list of all pipelines, then with the selected pipeline you can locate the component:

pipeline_project = Task.current_task().project

pipelines_ids = Task.query_tasks(task_filter=dict(
# take the second to the last updated one (becuase the last one is us)
pipeline_id = pipelines_ids[1]

# get all components, or select the one that is you based on name?
components_ids = Task.query_tasks(task_filter=dict(
                project=[pipeline_project], parent=pipeline_id)


I might have some typos here., but it should generally work

Posted 3 months ago
0 Answers
3 months ago
3 months ago