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Working On The Vs Code Extension. Pretty Stumped On This One...

I'm trying to add a docker-compose.yaml to the repo to

  • make it more convenient for contributors to develop locally
  • spin up a local ClearML instance in CI to run automated tests
    Here's the docker-compose file (mostly the standard file, except I altered the volume mounts, and I added minIO)
    Here's the clearml.conf file (only custom settings are the api section)

I'm able to enqueue and run normal tasks, okay. But not clearml-session s. When I run

CLEARML_CONFIG_FILE=path/to/clearml.conf clearml-session --queue sessions --docker python:3.9 --verbose

The only log I get is

clearml-session - CLI for launching JupyterLab / VSCode on a remote machine


I tried adding print statements to the clearml_session/__main__.py file to see what was going on. It seems to fail the first time it ever tries to make a request to the clearml backend.

When the first request is made, these are the parameters before receiving an HTTP status 400

$ clearml-session --queue sessions --docker python:3.9                                                                   1 ↵
clearml-session - CLI for launching JupyterLab / VSCode on a remote machine
headers:  {'Authorization': 'Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpZGVudGl0eSI6eyJ1c2VyX25hbWUiOiJhcGlzZXJ2ZXIiLCJyb2xlIjoic3lzdGVtIiwiY29tcGFueSI6ImQxYmQ5MmEzYjAzOTQwMGNiYWZjNjBhN2E1YjFlNTJiIiwiY29tcGFueV9uYW1lIjoiY2xlYXJtbCIsInVzZXIiOiJfX2FwaXNlcnZlcl9fIn0sImlhdCI6MTY5OTM1MDM1NSwiZW52IjoiPHVua25vd24-IiwiYXV0aF90eXBlIjoiQmVhcmVyIiwiYXBpX3ZlcnNpb24iOiIyLjI2Iiwic2VydmVyX3ZlcnNpb24iOiIxLjEyLjEiLCJzZXJ2ZXJfYnVpbGQiOiIzOTciLCJmZWF0dXJlX3NldCI6ImJhc2ljIn0.u8ry4WrTh1kSCnJUXVqPxRy8lXw3DCTMmC1pHWWCIBI'} service:  users action:  get_current_user version:  None method:  get data:  None json:  None params:  None
got here <Response [400]>

I think I'm down a rabbit hole 😆

Posted 3 months ago
0 Answers
3 months ago
3 months ago