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Hi, Is There A Way To Get The Project Name Of A Model From The Sdk. The Property

Is there a way to get the project name of a model from the SDK. The property project of a model returns its id, I'd like to get the project name but I don't find any interface in the sdk to get project informations

Posted 3 months ago
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Yup we too had to implement a lots of little things for ClearML in our tooling library due to it being pretty bare bone in some area

Posted 3 months ago

Hey @<1523702000586330112:profile|FierceHamster54>
Thanks for the info, that's unfortunate it's not available through the sdk. Let's bypass the SDK to achieve this ^^

Posted 3 months ago

Hey Mathias,

The project SDK is pretty barebone and according to the doc you should use the REST API for further actions , the simplest approach would be to simply use the project id on the POST /projects.get_by_id endpoint .

Best regards,

Posted 3 months ago