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Hi, I Have Problems To Render Matploblib Figures Via. Report_Matplotlib_Figure. This Line Plt.Subplots() Try To Export To The Fileserver Which Is Not Configured In Our Case. Please Help. Clearml.Storage - Error - Exception Encountered While Uploading Fail

Hi, I have problems to render matploblib figures via. report_matplotlib_figure. This line plt.subplots() try to export to the fileserver which is not configured in our case. Please help. clearml.storage - ERROR - Exception encountered while uploading Failed uploading object /phenkit-autopilot/pipeline_as_a_task.3e8701fc0a5d4655b2c277802d5f8ad5/metrics...

Posted 7 months ago
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Do you mean you don't have a files server running? You can technically circumvent this by overring the api.files_server in clearml.conf and set it to your default storage

Posted 7 months ago
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7 months ago
7 months ago