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Hello, Would It Be Possible To Add To The Output Table Of

Hello, would it be possible to add to the output table of

clearml-data search --id 12345

a url column for the found datasets? ?It's useful when we want to inspect the contents of the dataset.

Posted 7 months ago
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Answers 3

Hi @<1648134232087728128:profile|AlertFrog99> , not sure I understand. Can you please elaborate on your use case?

Posted 7 months ago

yes, I'd like to search quickly in the web gui for datasets I have their ids. Unless I'm mistaken, searching on the gui cannot find the dataset by id so we have to go to CLI, find the name by the id and only then search the name in the web gui.

Posted 7 months ago

I see. It appears to be an open bug. As a workaround for now, if you go into 'Projects' -> 'All Experiments' and then search for the ID with the search bar at the top right (Magnifying glass icon)

Posted 7 months ago
3 Answers
7 months ago
7 months ago