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My Agent (Running On Gcp In Docker Mode) Is Having Trouble With Git Fetch --All. I'M Using Ssh For Authentication, However, Known_Hosts Doesn'T Seem To Be Passed To The Docker So It Prompts For Authentification/Fingerprint. Any Ideas?

Hi @<1631102016807768064:profile|ZanySealion18>

I'm using SSH for authentication, however, known_hosts doesn't seem to be passed to the docker so it prompts for authentification/fingerprint. Any ideas?

Hmm it is supposed to automatically mount your ~/.ssh folder into the docker to solve for that.
First try to set force_git_ssh_protocol: true
If that does not help, put your Task log here, maybe we can find what's wrong together

Posted 6 months ago
0 Answers
6 months ago
6 months ago