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My Agent (Running On Gcp In Docker Mode) Is Having Trouble With Git Fetch --All. I'M Using Ssh For Authentication, However, Known_Hosts Doesn'T Seem To Be Passed To The Docker So It Prompts For Authentification/Fingerprint. Any Ideas?

Added -v /home/uname/.ssh:/root/.ssh and it resolved the issue. I assume this is some sort of a bug then?

That is supposed to be automatically mounted the SSH_AUTH_SOCK defined means that you have to add the mount to the SSH_AUTH_SOCK socket so that the container can access it.
Try to run when you undefine SSH_AUTH_SOCK and keep the force_git_ssh_protocol (no need to manually add the .ssh mount it will do that for you)

Posted 6 months ago
0 Answers
6 months ago
6 months ago