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Hey All, I Have A Question That Might Have Been Asked Before But I Can'T Find An Answer On This Slack Channel Or The Github So I Hope Somebody Can Help Me. I Have Created A Dataset Via The Python Sdk With A Local Path As The Output Uri Like So:

Hey all,

I have a question that might have been asked before but I can't find an answer on this slack channel or the Github so I hope somebody can help me. I have created a dataset via the python SDK with a local path as the output URI like so:

dataset = Dataset.create(
description="Test to see if previews are viewable from webui."

I've added some test images and finalized the dataset. Everything works fine up onto this point but the webUI is not able to show the preview images of the dataset (see image). It shows the same behaviour whether the server is self-hosted or hosted by ClearML.

If I click on the image in the webUI I can copy the link to the image. This is a link in the format of: file://<local_filepath_to_image>. If I paste this in a new tab in my browser it is able to show me the images without problems.

I can't figure out why the webUI can't access these files while I can access them easily with the browser or file-explorer. For clarification, the output_uri path points to a local drive on my computer but it has the same problem on network drives. Anybody who's run into the same or a similar problem and knows how to solve this?

Posted 6 months ago
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Hi @<1655381985293504512:profile|LividGorilla28> , this is because your browser cannot show local files as it is a sandbox environment. Opening a new tab and going directly to a local file by pasting the path is the only way to view images that are saved locally.

The correct way is to store it on some storage solution such as s3/gcp/minio which can serve the data to the browser

Posted 6 months ago

I have found a solution using this GitHub issue: None

The way I solved it is to self host the file server and adjust the docker compose file (docker-compose-win10.yml for windows). Here you can adjust the folder the file server is hosting. By mapping my network drive to a lettered drive and using that path in for the fileserver I can locally host the files

Posted 6 months ago

So there is no way to have locally stored files show on the UI? The aim was to keep all data locally as opposed to the cloud as it is sensitive data. I guess the only way is to achieve this is to serve the files via a files server then?

Posted 6 months ago
3 Answers
6 months ago
6 months ago
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