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Hey All, In Amazon Aws, Using The Auto Scaler, I Want To Mount My Efs On All Ec2 Workers Who Get Spawned By The Auto Scaler. Assuming I Edited My Security Group Rules, And Updated My Iam Role So It Could Access The Efs, How Do I Mount The Efs To The Machi

hey all,
in amazon aws, using the auto scaler, i want to mount my EFS on all ec2 workers who get spawned by the auto scaler.
assuming i edited my security group rules, and updated my IAM role so it could access the efs, how do i mount the efs to the machines? (i know i could theoretically do it as part of the startup script when my os is launching), but is there a way to mount the EFS as part of the aws-autoscaler.yaml which is created from the wizard? im assuming it can be part of the extra configurations?

      ami_id: ami-XXXXX
      availability_zone: us-east-1f
      ebs_device_name: /dev/sda1
      ebs_volume_size: 100
      ebs_volume_type: gp3
      instance_type: p3.4xlarge
      is_spot: false
      key_name: clearml-key
      tags: "Name=clearml_worker_aws"
      extra_configurations: {"NetworkInterfaces": [{"SubnetId": "subnet-XXXX", "DeviceIndex": 0, "Groups": ["sg-XXXXX"]}]}
Posted 3 months ago
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hey @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55>
it's self hosted server.
the extra configurations affected the sg and subnet id of the machines created though, so i assumed it affects them as well.
if that's not the place where i can mount my EFS, how do i do it?

Posted 3 months ago

Well, this is not currently supported in the autoscaler version. Starting from the next SaaS/enterprise autoscaler version, this should be supported there. As always, you're also welcome to add a PR 🙏

Posted 3 months ago

Hi @<1612982606469533696:profile|ZealousFlamingo93> , the extra configurations are for the clearml configuration file, and not for the AWS machine spec. Btw, are you using a self-hosted server, or app.clear.ml ?

Posted 3 months ago
3 Answers
3 months ago
3 months ago
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