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I Am Trying To Implement A Service Task Which Will Do Some Orchestration Of Jobs, Queues, Vm Instances, Etc. I'M Using Clearml.Backend_Api.Session.Client.Apiclient To Fetch The List Of Queues And Tasks With Their Statuses. What I Also Need And Cannot Figu

I am trying to implement a service task which will do some orchestration of jobs, queues, VM instances, etc.
I'm using clearml.backend_api.session.client.APIClient to fetch the list of queues and tasks with their statuses. What I also need and cannot figure out how to do is how to get the list of currently available workers with some additional useful info (ideally I'd want to detect if they've been idle for some time so I can turn them off). APIClient.workers.get_all() returns the list of workers in (id, name) format but I'm not sure how to get any additional worker info from there. Thanks!

Posted 6 months ago
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Got it, thanks folks!

Posted 6 months ago

Hi @<1631102016807768064:profile|ZanySealion18> , workers.get_all does retrieve all info regarding the workers. As far as I can remember, idle time is not returned.

Posted 6 months ago

Hi @<1631102016807768064:profile|ZanySealion18> , I would suggest using the web UI as a reference. Open developer tools and check what is being sent/received when looking at the workers/queues pages

Posted 6 months ago