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Hi There All! Is There A Way To Set Empty Requirements When Creating A Remote Task? I Have Tried To Set Packages To None Or Empty Array, But It Doesn’T Work, Which Is Corroborated By The Documentation Of That Function

Hi there all! is there a way to set empty requirements when creating a remote task? I have tried to set packages to none or empty array, but it doesn’t work, which is corroborated by the documentation of that function . It’s automatically detecting the list of imports and trying to install all those. my docker image already contains all the requirements I need.

Posted 2 months ago
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Answers 6

Hi @<1659005876989595648:profile|ExcitedMouse44> , you can simply configure the agent not to install anything and just use the existing environment 🙂

The relevant env variables for this are: CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL

Posted 2 months ago

Yes, I can test that .
However, it will still show all of those automatically detected packages in my configuration, which I want to avoid

Posted 2 months ago

@<1659005876989595648:profile|ExcitedMouse44> how are you creating the task?

Posted 2 months ago

Inside Python code task.execute_remotely()

Posted 2 months ago

Yes, however I think you might be able to expose this via an env variable on the Task object itself

Posted 2 months ago

This will disable Pip installations for all of the tasks running on that Agent, correct?

Posted 2 months ago
6 Answers
2 months ago
2 months ago