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Hi All, Is There A Way To Force An Agent To Use Https Although The Scheduled Task Is Using Ssh For Git?

Hi all,
Is there a way to force an agent to use https although the scheduled task is using ssh for git?

Posted 2 months ago
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Hi @<1523701601770934272:profile|GiganticMole91>

to use https although the scheduled task is using ssh for git?

Sure as long as it has git_user / git_pass configured in the agents clearml.conf it will automatically convert ssh to http git pull

Posted 2 months ago

Hi Martin,
It doesn't seem to work with dev.azure though:

Using user/pass credentials - replacing ssh url 'git@ssh.dev.azure.com:v3/ORG/TEAM/PROJECT' with https url '
fatal: repository '
' not found

The expected format for the https protocol is None .
Thoughts @<1523701205467926528:profile|AgitatedDove14> ?

Posted 2 months ago

Thanks @<1523701601770934272:profile|GiganticMole91> !
(As usual MS decided to invent a new "standard")
I'll make sure the guys looks at it and get an RC with a fix

Posted 2 months ago

None for visibility

Posted 2 months ago