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Hil All, Is There An Code Sample, How To Use Clearml In Local Deployed K3D Cluster, Using The Helm Charts In Combination With Minio? As Stated In

Hil all,
is there an code sample, how to use clearml in local deployed k3d cluster, using the helm charts in combination with minio? As stated in this blog post, the adjusted should be done in the conf file of the clearml-agent. But I cannot see any option for that in the values file of the corresponding helm chart. Is that option missing?
Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted 5 months ago
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@<1657556312684236800:profile|ManiacalSeaturtle63> yep... that updates indeed the clearml.config in the remote agent pod in the cluster 😃

clearmlConfig: |-
    sdk {
      aws {
        s3 {
            # default, used for any bucket not specified below
            key: ""
            secret: ""
            region: ""
            bucket: "clearml"

            credentials: [
                    # This will apply to all buckets in this host (unless key/value is specifically provided for a given bucket)
                    host: "minio.minio.svc.cluster.local:9000" #your minio instance address
                    key: "admin" #your minio instance access key
                    secret: "password" #your minio instance access secret
                    multipart: false
                    secure: false
Posted 5 months ago

actually, that solved my question 😃

Posted 5 months ago

@<1657556312684236800:profile|ManiacalSeaturtle63> o.O wow ,... thanks for the awesome hint! how blind I was to not see that in the values file! THANKS a lot... will try that

Posted 5 months ago

Have you try using
"clearmlConfig: |-
" parameter in values.yaml file ? Maybe you can pass storage parameter in here ?

Posted 5 months ago

Could you share your configuration ? :) Did you add only storage information under the clearmlConfig parameter in values.yaml file ? @<1661542579272945664:profile|SaltySpider22>

Posted 5 months ago
5 Answers
5 months ago
5 months ago