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Hi All, I'M Wondering If I Could Use Clearml Agent To Use Multiple Machines In A Self-Hosted Server In Windows.

Hi all,
I'm wondering if I could use clearml agent to use multiple machines in a self-hosted server in Windows.

Posted 5 months ago
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Answers 3

Would you mind walking me through the process?

Upon my understanding, first I'm gonna build a self-hosted server with docker on my windows computer.

Secondly, I'm gonna connect other windows computers with the server. To do that, I need a token from my server, so that I could copy and paste it when I execute the command clearml-agent init --token <my_token> --queue default from 'other windows computers'.

Lastly, I just execute clearml-agent daemon --queue default on my other windows computers as 'workers' to run the queued tasks.

And this is how I could run multiple tasks from multiple windows computers with one server.
Please let me know if there's anything to be fixed from what I said!

Although I have one concern that this whole process would work only for paid plans, and not work on self-hosted server...?
I'd very appreciate it if you could help me to figure this out!

Thanks in advance!

Posted 5 months ago

Hi @<1664079296102141952:profile|DangerousStarfish38>
You mean spin the agent on multiple Windows machines? Yes that is supported, I think that it is limited to venv (i.e. not docker) mode, but other than that should work out of the box

Posted 5 months ago

@<1664079296102141952:profile|DangerousStarfish38> , I would suggest creating a configuration file on each machine and not only specifying a token 🙂
Besides that all sounds good and of course all of this is fully supported in the open source self hosted server

Posted 5 months ago