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Hi Clearml Community, I'M Trying To Deploy A Clearml Scheduler Via Docker. I'Ve Managed To Put Everything Together And Tested That The Scheduler In Both Local And Remote Execution Works. The Pipeline Reads Data From An S3 Bucket, This Works Fine Locally B

👋 Hi ClearML community, I'm trying to deploy a ClearML scheduler via docker. I've managed to put everything together and tested that the scheduler in both local and remote execution works. The pipeline reads data from an S3 bucket, this works fine locally but through the docker image deployed in the ClearML server I get Forbidden error despite setting appropriate configurations in the clearml.conf file. Any ideas of what I might be missing?

Posted one month ago
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Update: it appears S3 ccredentials in clearml.conf file weren't enough for this use case. I had to put the same credentials into .aws/credentials file and now I have access to S3.
Thanks for your help!

Posted one month ago

Hi @<1679299596997627904:profile|OddOstrich66> , can you please add the full log? Also some code snippet would be helpful 🙂

Posted one month ago
2 Answers
one month ago
29 days ago