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Hi Community, I Am New To The Clearml, I Cloned The Project "Training - Increased Lr, Dropout, 4X Batch" And Want To Make It Run On An Clearml-Agent, But It Continued Fail At Searching The Dataset: "No Projects Found When Searching For `Examples/Urbansoun

Hi community, I am new to the clearml, I cloned the project "Training - Increased LR, dropout, 4x batch" and want to make it run on an clearml-agent, but it continued fail at searching the dataset: "No projects found when searching for `examples/Urbansounds/.datasets/UrbanSounds example". I am using the clearml free server, and created an agent in my local machine. I did not change anything else, but the example cannot run, what an annoying experiment.

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1679299603003871232:profile|DefeatedOstrich25> , you mean you're on the community server? Do you see any sample datasets in the Datasets section?

Posted one month ago

No, I did not. I just figured out I must run the get data example first. This knowledge is not found in the "Get Start" documents. The document is not friendly for starters. Anyway, I will try more and thanks for your help.

Posted one month ago
2 Answers
one month ago
29 days ago