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Hi, Is There A Way To Access The Clearml File Server? I Would Like To Check If An Artifact Object Has Been Deleted Or Not.

Hi, is there a way to access the clearml file server? I would like to check if an artifact object has been deleted or not.

Posted 26 days ago
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Answers 6

Hi @<1679661969365274624:profile|UnevenSquirrel80> , are you running a self hosted server?

Posted 26 days ago

@<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> no, we are on a clearml hosted server

Posted 25 days ago

Oh, I would suggest asking on the main support channel for ClearML 🙂

Posted 22 days ago

So the url is https://app.<my-comany>.hosted.allegro.ai/

Posted 25 days ago

You mean the community server?

Posted 25 days ago

Alright, thanks!

Posted 21 days ago
6 Answers
26 days ago
21 days ago