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Hi, When Running A Task, Is There A Way To Run A Script Already In The Container? For Example There Is A Script /Home/Root/Entrypoint.Sh I Would Like To Avoid Specifying A Repo Or A Local Script On My Machine.

Hi, when running a task, is there a way to run a script already in the container?
For example there is a script /home/root/entrypoint.sh
I would like to avoid specifying a repo or a local script on my machine.

Posted 26 days ago
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Answers 2

Hey @<1681836314334334976:profile|GrotesqueSeaturtle83> , yes, it is possible to do so, but you must configure the docker --entrypoint argument (as part of the docker_arguments ) and the docker image of for said task. In general this isn't a recommended approach. Rather than that, prefer a setup where your task code invokes the functionalities defined in other scripts that are pre-baked in the image.

See docker args here:
and here None

Posted 26 days ago

Hi @<1537605940121964544:profile|EnthusiasticShrimp49> thank you for the explanation! :)

Posted 26 days ago
2 Answers
26 days ago
26 days ago
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