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Just Want To Post It Here Before Raising A Github Issue: There Seems To Be A Regression Bug Since Clearml 1.13.0 Where Out Training In Gpu Is 2X Slower In Our Pipeline Based On

Just want to post it here before raising a github issue: there seems to be a regression bug since clearml 1.13.0 where out training in GPU is 2x slower
in our pipeline based on fastai , an epoch take 8s with clearml==1.12.2 and 17s with clearml==1.13.0 (also tested on 1.14.x), GPU A6000 (and 4070 Ti)
Is there any caveat that I should be aware of after 1.13 ?

Posted 23 days ago
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Answers 2

may be specific to fastai as I cannot reproduce it with another training using yolov5

Posted 23 days ago

not sure if related but clearml 1.14 tend to not "show" the gpu_type

Posted 23 days ago
2 Answers
23 days ago
22 days ago