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Hi All, I’M Curious If Anyone Has An Example Of Editing The Configuration Of A Running

Hi All, I’m curious if anyone has an example of editing the configuration of a running TaskScheduler or TriggerScheduler . If I understand correctly the description, you can add, change, or remove scheduled tasks while the automation service is running, however there is no “edit” option for the configuration object of a running task.

sync_frequency_minutes (float) – Sync task scheduler configuration every X minutes. Allow to change scheduler in runtime by editing the Task configuration object
Posted 12 days ago
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Hi @<1533620191232004096:profile|NuttyLobster9> , I'm not sure we have such an example, but you can basically edit the task configuration object using the SDK or APIClient. Using the SDK, this would be something like:

from clearml import Task

task = Task.get_task("<task-id>")
task.set_configuration_object("<name>", "<content>")
Posted 12 days ago

Ahhh okay, thank you. Perhaps in the future, it would be great to allow this from the UI as well?

Posted 11 days ago

That could happen with any task when it’s cloned. To be honest, the cron and trigger schedulers probably deserve their own UI panel since they operate differently than other tasks. Ideally, a user would be able to add and remove jobs from the schedulers purely through the UI.

Posted 10 days ago

Well, the assumption is that the task's code should handle any such changes, but a user might interfere and put some value that might fail the task...

Posted 11 days ago
4 Answers
12 days ago
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