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Hey! I Am Running A A Web-App On A Clearml Agent (From A Gcp Queue) On Its Localhost (

Hey! I am running a a web-app on a clearml agent (from a GCP queue) on its localhost ( None ). How can I view the app over the internet?

Posted 14 days ago
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This is not something we get (or can get), but you can easily ping an external service (or the GCP API) from your code and publish the address in a tag, or on the task's hyperparams

Posted 14 days ago

is there a way to get the instance's external IP address from clearml? i wouldve thought it would be in the info tab, but its not

Posted 14 days ago

Hi @<1523705004920147968:profile|CloudySwallow27> , I assume the agent is running the the task in a docker container?

Posted 14 days ago

If so, you can open the port to the host using extra docker arguments

Posted 14 days ago


Posted 14 days ago
5 Answers
14 days ago
14 days ago