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Hi! I See There'S A New Release Of The Clearml-Agent Package, Is There Any Plan To Update The Allegroai/Clearml-Agent-K8S-Base Docker Image With This Version? In Particular, I Would Like To Use Multiple Queues When Running The Clearml-Agent Chart. I Tried

hi! I see there's a new release of the clearml-agent package, is there any plan to update the allegroai/clearml-agent-k8s-base docker image with this version? In particular, I would like to use multiple queues when running the clearml-agent chart. I tried creating a docker image myself but had some issues

Posted 2 months ago
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@<1673863788857659392:profile|HomelyRabbit25> I see your comment on that PR, if no further feedback will be there, I will try to eventually improve that PR by myself when possible.

Posted one month ago

hi, pls check first message on this pr conversation; there is a checklist to be completed otherwise CI will not complete

Posted one month ago

hey @<1523701827080556544:profile|JuicyFox94> , don't want to bother, I just check on the progress of that pull request and seems like it passed all the checks but it was marked as draft and not merged

Posted one month ago

if it will not be updated and CI passed, I will have to create a new one when possible but I don’t have a timeframe for now

Posted 2 months ago

There’s an incomplete PR for this None .

Posted 2 months ago
5 Answers
2 months ago
one month ago