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Hi Everyone, I Have An Issue With Clearml Serving And Self-Hosted Clearml Server. I Have Posted On Github

Hi everyone,
I have an issue with clearml serving and self-hosted clearml server. I have posted on Github
Almost of examples of clearml-serving, I can not run. I have followed official document ( None )

Anyone can help me? Thanks

Posted 13 days ago
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Answers 2

I'm sorry for replying later. I think clearml-server and clearml-serving have connected together. I use docker logs -f <container-id> to check log. I also see credential in clearml-server, it have recently used (based on time: last update )

Posted 5 days ago

It looks like it's failing to login to the backend. Did you make sure you have valid credentials in clearml.conf ?

Posted 13 days ago