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Hello! Thank You For The Great Product. I Have A Bit Of A Request: This Hover Feature In Pipeline Overview Would Be Much More Useful If I Could Read Out The Whole Metric Name. (Not So Much An Issue With Things Like F1, "Acc", But Anything Longer Is Not

hello! thank you for the great product. I have a bit of a request:

this hover feature in pipeline overview would be much more useful if I could read out the whole metric name.

(not so much an issue with things like F1, "Acc", but anything longer is not readable and the hover does not help)

I do appreciate that I can double click on it and copy ... e.g. UncertaintyAudit/ModelStdBetterThanRandom

the grouped summary metrics (reporting scalars at -(2^32) iteration) makes for clean comparisons for variables that have different scales / relate to different types of measurements. so I like the flexibility of grouping metrics, but just can't read them in the pipeline view.

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1689446563463565312:profile|SmallTurkey79> , I'd suggest opening a github feature request 🙂

Posted one month ago
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one month ago
one month ago