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Hi All, If I Have A Project Structure That Utilize A

Hi all, if I have a project structure that utilize a setup.py to be setup as local editable package, how do I make this works with clearml pipeline for remote agent? For example

--- main.py
--- setup.py
--- src
----- mypackage/__ init__ .py
----- mypackage/utils/foo.py

In my local machine, I could run pip install -e . and run main.py where it has a line that do from mypackage.utils.foo import somefunction
This runs fine in local machine, but it won't run in remote agent due to the complaint that it couldn't find mypackage

Posted 2 months ago
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Hi @<1691258557502066688:profile|RipeCrab75> ! You should make the code accessible to the agent somehow. You could either publish mypackage or push the project to a repository and use None to specify that repo if it is not automatically picked up.

Posted 2 months ago
1 Answer
2 months ago
2 months ago