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Hi All! I'Ve Been Using The Self-Hosted Clearml For A While And It'S Amazing, Thank You Guys For The Excellent Work. I Recently Discovered The Clearml Agent, And In The Setup I Found This Section In The

Hi all!

I've been using the self-hosted ClearML for a while and it's amazing, thank you guys for the excellent work. I recently discovered the ClearML agent, and in the setup I found this section in the clearml.conf

        # notice this will not install any additional packages into the selected environment, should be used in
        # conjunction with CLEARML_CONDA_ENV_PACKAGE which points to an existing conda environment directory
        # conda_env_as_base_docker: false

I want to set the agent package_manager.type to conda , since I use conda for all my experiments. Reading the documentation, it seems like I also will set conda_env_as_base_docker to true . However I a little confused on how to use the CLEARML_CONDA_ENV_PACKAGE , is this a variable that should be set in the clearml.conf ?

Further, I am having some issues using this package manager in the agent, with this error:

clearml_agent: ERROR: ERROR: package manager "conda" selected, but 'conda' executable could not be located

Is there a way to specify the conda executable path?

Posted 2 months ago
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Answers 3

Hi @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> thanks for the response. Now my question is more of how does ClearML agent know which env to use? Will it make envs using conda as an exe if the packages it needs for a project aren't fulfilled by an existing env?

Posted one month ago

The CLEARML_CONDA_ENV_PACKAGE is an environment variable you can set which will point to a conda environment packages in a folder or in a tar file

Posted 2 months ago

Hi @<1600661428556009472:profile|HighCoyote66> , the conda executable should be in the system path

Posted 2 months ago
3 Answers
2 months ago
one month ago