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Hello Everyone! I Am Using Clearml To Manage My Model Training For A Thesis Project. I Am Currently On The Stage Of Hyper-Parameter Tuning My Yolov5U Model And Am Testing Out The

Hello everyone! I am using ClearML to manage my model training for a thesis project. I am currently on the stage of hyper-parameter tuning my yolov5u model and am testing out the HyperParameterOptimizer class for this purpose. I am running the Optuna optimizer with this.

When I run this optimizer the ClearML experiment page only shows 3 charts - "Optimization Objective", "Parallel Coordinates" and "Summary". Does the ClearML Optuna implementation support logging of the other charts like contour plots, slice plots, etc?

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1691620883078057984:profile|ConfusedSeaanemone5> ! Those are the only 3 charts that the HPO constructs and reports. You could construct other charts/plots yourself and report them when a job completes using the job_completed_callback parameter.

Posted one month ago

Ok thanks 🙂

Posted one month ago
2 Answers
one month ago
one month ago