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I Have Problem With My Webserver. All Other Pods Are Available

I have problem with my webserver. All other pods are available

Back-off restarting failed container clearml-webserver in pod clearml-webserver-756865f-jlzsh_ap-triton(cba88c93-472e-4fba-a95b-4128302235e7)


Updating configuration from env
2024/04/25 15:29:01 [emerg] 11#11: socket() [::]:80 failed (97: Address family not supported by protocol)
nginx: [emerg] socket() [::]:80 failed (97: Address family not supported by protocol)

init container logs:

+ curl -sw %{http_code} 
 -o /dev/null
+ [ 200 -ne 200 ]
Posted one month ago
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Answers 4

that's usually related IPV6/IPV4 stack configuration in your k8s cluster. Are you using just one specific stack?

Posted one month ago

@<1523701827080556544:profile|JuicyFox94> Hi, I think yes, we only use ipv4

Posted one month ago

I do not know how, but after a couple of days everything worked. Maybe my devops was playing with the cluster.
Thank you very much for the answers! @<1523701827080556544:profile|JuicyFox94>

Posted one month ago

should be possible to enable ipv6 (even without using it) on network layer to check if this is really the issue?

Posted one month ago
4 Answers
one month ago
one month ago