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Hi Guys! Broad Question: Do You Work With A Feature Store Along With Clearml? Right Now My Workflow Is: 1) Clearml Task Fetches Data From Database/Api, Does A Rough Cleaning And Saves A "Raw" Versioned Dataset On Clearml 2) Another Clearml Task Trains A

Hi guys! Broad question: do you work with a feature store along with ClearML?

Right now my workflow is:

  1. clearml task fetches data from database/api, does a rough cleaning and saves a "raw" versioned dataset on clearml
  2. another clearml task trains a model on the latest version of the dataset and stores an an artifact. The model artifact takes as input raw data, and has methods for doing both preprocessing / feature creation and inference.
  3. external services (atm just a couple fastapi apps) load the artifact, take in raw data, do inference and all that stuff.

Do you have a better way of handling feature transformation?

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1691620877822595072:profile|FlutteringMouse14>
Yes, feast has been integrated by at least a couple if I remember correctly.
Basically there are two ways offline and online feature transformation. For offline your pipeline is exactly what would be recommended. The main difference is online transformation where I think feast is a great start

Posted one month ago

Cool thanks! So for online Feature transformation I would set up a feast server, and the tasks would use feast to create and retrieve features, right?

I know it's a huge project, but it would be great to have a feature store as part of ClearML, do you have any plans to do that?

Posted one month ago

Regarding adding feature store, probably not in the near future, a scalable feature store is quite the project, probably more realistic to somehow have a recipe to deploy with Feast

Posted one month ago

I can imagine :D I'll look into it, thanks!

Posted one month ago
4 Answers
one month ago
one month ago