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Hey, the <https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/references/api/#request-format|api reference> says that the url should be ```https://&lt;base_url&gt;/auth.login``` but to make it actually work I have to do ```https://&lt;base_url&gt;/api/v1.0/auth.login``` Th

Hey, the api reference says that the url should be


but to make it actually work I have to do


This does not seem to be documented anywhere. Is this a thing I would have understood if I did web programming or is the documentation not updated?

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1562973083189383168:profile|GrievingDuck15>
Thanks for noticing, yes the api is always versioned, we should make it clear in the docs. Also if you need the latest one use version 999 , it will default to the latest one it can support

Posted one month ago

Hi @<1593051292383580160:profile|SoreSparrow36> , it's not a redirect, it's simply the server using the latest version if you did not specify a version.

Posted one month ago

Regarding the original message, base_url refers to the API endpoint (in a self-served server, this would usually be with port 8008). The fact you had to use /api simply means you were using the WebApp endpoint which has its own apo reverse proxy, which should not really be used by external clients (it's possible, but there's no guarantee for backwards compatibility there as it's designed to be used by the WebApp and might change in the future)

Posted one month ago

So I tested using the version that I can see in the request going to the server, but the api returns "Requested version: 2.28, Used version 1.0" for some reason. I'm not sure if the message is wrong or it actually used 1.0.

Posted one month ago

Requested version: 2.28, Used version 1.0" for some reason

This is fine that means there is no change in that API

Posted one month ago

Weird . I recently implemented a function that talked to this exact endpoint and found it had to exclude the version and api paths . Is there some sort of redirect that happens?

Posted one month ago
6 Answers
one month ago
one month ago