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I Have An Environment Error When Running Hpo:

I have an environment error when running HPO:
``RuntimeError: Dataset '/home/rini-debian/git-stash/lvgl-ui-detector/datasets/ui_randoms.yaml' error❌❌ '/home/rini-debian/git-stash/lvgl-ui-detector/datasets/ui_randoms.yaml' does not exist`

This runtime error is due to the fact that this argument parameter is tracked in the ClearML task, as it should be.

However, when I run my HPO, I do not want this argument, since it is created when executing my training function and adjusted for the current environment.

How can I tell the HPO to not use these hyper parameters or override them when queuing tasks?

Posted one month ago
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Back when I wrote this, I thought HPO does something magical for overwriting the general args of the task when cloning.
Turns out it just was my code that was missing a more explicit set_parameter for this environment path.

Posted one month ago

Oh I see, glad you found the problem!

Posted one month ago

Hey. I should have closed this..

The thing that I was looking for is called set_parameter on the task.
The HPO uses a task I created previously and I had trouble with that, since it contained a path, which wasn't available on the colab instance.
I fixed my code, so it always updates this parameter depending on the environment.

It was less of an HPO issue, more of a programming failure on the function, which didn't properly update the parameter, even though I thought it should.

Posted one month ago

Hi @<1694157594333024256:profile|DisturbedParrot38> ! If you want to override the parameter, you could add a DiscreteParameterRange to hyper_paramters when calling HyperParameterOptimizer . The DiscreteParameterRange should have just 1 value: the value you want to override the parameter with.
You could try setting the parameter to an empty string in order to mark it as cleared

Posted one month ago

How can I adjust the parameter overrides from tasks spawned by the hyperparameter optimizer?

My template task has some environment depending parameters that I would like to clear for the newly spawned tasks, as the function that is run for each tasks handles the environment already.

Posted one month ago
5 Answers
one month ago
one month ago
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