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Hi Team, I'M Deploying Clearml On A Kubernetes Environment Using Helm Chart. I'Ve Enabled Ingress For Clearml-Apiserver , Clearml-Fileserver ,Clearml-Webserver. How To Pass The Hostname For Those Using Env?

Hi Team, I'm Deploying clearml on a kubernetes environment using helm chart. I've enabled ingress for clearml-apiserver , clearml-fileserver ,clearml-webserver. How to pass the hostname for those using env?

Posted one month ago
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I've added CLEARML_API_HOST , CLEARML_FILES_HOST, CLEARML_WEB_HOSTin my extraEnvs but ENV are passed inside the pods i have checked but it is not effecting in my webserver

Posted one month ago

hostname of frontend has been added in place of api server hostname. So getting cors error in inspect -> network tab in UI

Posted one month ago

I don’t think you need to pass these env vars in extraenvs, references are automatically generated by chart. After removing them, pls post webserver pod logs here and let’s see if we can spot the issue, ty.

Posted one month ago

ingress are created I can access it through browser. But My webserver can't able to connect to apiserver because of wrong hostname by default it is been passed. How to pass the correct apiserver and file system hostname

Posted one month ago

Hi, helm show readme should output informations on any single parameter fo the chart. helm show values will show the entire values file containing also the structure.

Posted one month ago
5 Answers
one month ago
one month ago