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Hi, Can You Help Me With This? Thanks In Advance.

hi, can you help me with this?
thanks in advance.

problem :

  • could not run task
  • could not fetch from bitbucket/gitsetup :
  • clearml-agent: 1.7.0; 1.8.1
agent {
    git_user: "xxx"
    force_git_ssh_protocol: true
    force_git_ssh_user: "xxx"
    enable_git_ask_pass: true

    vcs_cache: {
        enabled: true,
        path: ~/.clearml/vcs-cache

        # if git pull failed, always revert to re-cloning the repo, it protects against old user name changes
        clone_on_pull_fail: true

    worker_id: "vm-services:vm-services-xxxx"
    worker_name: "vm-services-xxxx"

Logs :

  • also in vs code, there is a pop window that ask to login git/bitbutcket.
  • pic 1 when vcs_cache is not enable
  • pic 2 when vcs_cache is enable
    my current solution :
  • back to clearml-agent: 1.6.1. it works!
Posted one month ago
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Answers 3

you are forcing ssh with force_git_ssh_protocol: true
Have you setup ssh keys ?
If you are using ssh keys, why enable_git_ask_pass: true ?

Posted one month ago

Do you want to use https or ssh to do git clone ? Setting up both in the same time is confusing

Posted one month ago

hi @<1576381444509405184:profile|ManiacalLizard2> thanks for the answer, i will try that!

Posted 29 days ago
3 Answers
one month ago
28 days ago