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I Have A Dataset Uploaded To Clearml. By Mistake I Didn'T Set The Destination Correctly And The Dataset Is Now Saved On A Computer Rather Than In S3. Is There An Easy Way To Rectify This?

I have a dataset uploaded to clearml. By mistake I didn't set the destination correctly and the dataset is now saved on a computer rather than in s3. Is there an easy way to rectify this?

Posted 28 days ago
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Answers 4

Hi @<1562973083189383168:profile|GrievingDuck15> , I think you'll need to re-register it

Posted 28 days ago

Aright, I might opt for just squashing the whole she-bang then.

Posted 28 days ago

Setting the upload destination correctly and doing the same steps again

Posted 28 days ago

Where reregistering is uploading everything again?

Posted 28 days ago
4 Answers
28 days ago
27 days ago