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Hi All, My Name Is Evgeny From Corsound. I Have A Question. I Have A Dataset With Audio Files, In The Preview Bar I Can Select A File And Play It Inside An Iframe As It Has A Url. Now I'M Also Using Twilio, It Can Get A Url And Play It As A Recording. Is

Hi all, my name is Evgeny from corsound.
I have a question.
I have a dataset with audio files, in the preview bar I can select a file and play it inside an iframe as it has a url.
Now I'm also using twilio, it can get a url and play it as a recording.
is there a way to:
know all the urls of files in dataset,
pass the url to twilio and give it premonitions to play it?

Posted 29 days ago
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Answers 2

Hi @<1714088832913117184:profile|MammothSnake38> , not sure I understand. Can you add a screenshot of how you currently play audio files?

Posted 28 days ago

Also, how did you register the data?

Posted 28 days ago
2 Answers
29 days ago
28 days ago