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In The Pipeline Examples, Components Have The Following Note:

In the pipeline examples, components have the following note:

notice all package imports inside the function will be automatically logged as

required packages for the pipeline execution step

Where are these requirements taken from? Is it matched based on name with the executing environment?
I wonder because of our internal repositories 🤔

Posted 8 months ago
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Answers 7

Internal references are resolved only in decorator/function pipelines if I recall correctly

Posted 8 months ago

Hi UnevenDolphin73 , I think this is analyzed in the code

Posted 8 months ago

Hm. Is there a simple way to test tasks, one at a time?

Posted 8 months ago

Maybe a single step pipeline?

Posted 8 months ago

CostlyOstrich36 so internal references are not resolved somehow? Or, how should one achieve:

def my_step(): from ..utils import foo foo("bar")

Posted 8 months ago

I'm also getting the following warning, I guess it's some ClearML dependency?
IPython could not be loaded!

Posted 8 months ago


Posted 8 months ago
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8 months ago
7 months ago