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Hey Guys! I Would Love To Know How To Integrate Hpo Inside Clearml Pipelines. I Have Made A Continuous Learning Pipeline With Data Etl And Model Training And As A Next Step, It Would Be Cool To Add Hpo. Most Of The Examples On The Website Create A New Ta

Hey guys! I would love to know how to integrate HPO inside ClearML pipelines. I have made a continuous learning pipeline with data ETL and model training and as a next step, it would be cool to add HPO. Most of the examples on the website create a new Task and then set HyperParameterOptimizer with that Task ID. Should I add to the pipeline a separate step that creates a new Task to train a model and as a next step use it to run HPO or consider that each pipeline step is a ClearML Task by itself? Thanks!

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1676400486225285120:profile|GracefulSquid84> ! Each step is indeed a clearml task. You could try using the step ID. Just make sure you pass the ID to the HPO step (you can do that by simply returning the Task.current_task().id

Posted one month ago