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Hi, I Am Trying To Use

Hi, I am trying to use clearml-param-search tool. This is the command I use:
clearml-param-search --task-id 454b34c3fbb34a8683f3dd6e6d77d49c --params-search '{"type": "DiscreteParameterRange", "name": "model_params/loss_params/r_fake", "values": [0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6]}' --objective-metric-title training --objective-metric-series "Total loss (per epoch)" --objective-metric-sign min --optimizer-class OptimizerOptuna --queue aws_4gpu_machines

Posted 11 months ago
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Hi DrabOwl94 Looks like this is a bug. Strange no one found it until now. Anyway, you can just add a --params-override at the end of the command line and it should work (and --max-iteration-per-job <YOUR_INT> and --total-max-job <YOUR_INT> as Optuna requires this). We will fix this one in the next patch.
Also, could you please open a Github issue? It should contain your command line and this error.
Thank you

Posted 11 months ago


Posted 11 months ago

Hi DrabOwl94 , what version of ClearML are you using?

Posted 11 months ago
3 Answers
11 months ago
10 months ago