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Hey Since Hydra Does Not Work With

Yes the task is running on a remote agent with the --docker flag
this is the config on the machine(s) running the agent
agent {
venvs_cache: {
max_entries: 50
free_space_threshold_gb: -1
path: ~/.clearml/venvs-cache
extra_docker_arguments: [
"--network", "host",
"-v", "/home/ubuntu/.ssh:/root/.ssh:ro",
"-v", "/home/ubuntu/.cache:/root/.cache",

docker_internal_mounts {
    sdk_cache: "/clearml_agent_cache"
    apt_cache: "/var/cache/apt/archives"
    ssh_folder: "~/.ssh"
    ssh_ro_folder: "/.ssh"
    pip_cache: "/root/.pip-cache"
    poetry_cache: "/root/.pypoetry-cache"
    vcs_cache: "/root/.clearml/vcs-cache"
    venv_build: "~/.clearml/venvs-builds"
    pip_download: "/root/.clearml/pip-download-cache"


sdk {
aws {
s3 {
host: "...:443"
key: "..."
secret: "..."
secure: true

api {
web_server: https://...
api_server: https://...
file_server: https://...

credentials {


} `

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