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[Issue With Minio] Hi, I Am Using Clearml=1.8.3, But It Seems Still Have Trouble With Minio Connection.

[Issue with Minio]
i am using clearml=1.8.3, but it seems still have trouble with minio connection.

this is last error happen if i want to download model
Could not download , err: Could not connect to the endpoint URL: " "this is also impact to other access with minio, like StorageManager.downlod_folder, etc.

Thanks in Advance!

Posted one year ago
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Answers 7

maybe accidently install my custom solution on this https://github.com/muhammadAgfian96/clearml/commit/01db9aa40537a6c2f83977220423556a48614c3a at that time. so i said the test is passed.

Posted one year ago

hi QuaintJellyfish58 ! How does your clearml.conf look like? How do you run minio ? Can you download files using boto3 rather than clearml ? Could you provide a script that could help us reproduce the issue?

Posted one year ago

my config is same like issue #763

` import clearml
from clearml import StorageManager, Dataset
from rich import print

version_clearml = clearml.version

manager = StorageManager()

print(f'clearml: {version_clearml}')
minio_s3_url = 'x/x/x/x/x/x/x'
print('\n-------------download folder-------------')
target_folder = manager.download_folder(
remote_url=f' '
except Exception as e:
print('FAILED: download folder') `
Hi SuccessfulKoala55 , after i tried from version 1.7.2 to newest 1.8.3, but failed. Sorry i forgot what version i tried, but possiblly 1.7.3rc0, but it also failed today.
Hi AgitatedDove14 , yeah, my config is same like issue #763
Hi SmugDolphin23 , like issue reported on github, i tried using boto3 and works.

Posted one year ago

QuaintJellyfish58 We will release later today an RC that adds the region to boto_kwargs . We will ping you when it's ready to try it out

Posted one year ago

QuaintJellyfish58 Notice it tries to access AWS not your minio
"This seems like a bug?! can you quickly verify with previous version ?
Also notice you have to provide the minio section in the clearml.conf so it knows how to access the endpoint:

Posted one year ago

Hi SmugDolphin23 , i have try 1.8.4rc1, and yeah its working! Thanks!

Posted one year ago

Hi QuaintJellyfish58 , did this work in the previous version and stop working now?

Posted one year ago