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Hello, Is There A Way To Disable Dataset Caching So That When

FreshParrot56 You could modify this entry in your clearml.conf to point to your drive: sdk.storage.cache.default_base_dir .
Or, if you don't want to touch your conf file, you could set the env var CLEARML_CACHE_DIR to your remote drive before you call get_local_copy. See this example:
dataset = Dataset.get(DATASET_ID) os.environ["CLEARML_CACHE_DIR"] = "/mnt/remote/drive" # change the clearml cache, make it point to your remote drive copy_path = dataset.get_local_copy() print(copy_path) # the path will point to your remote drive del os.environ["CLEARML_CACHE_DIR"] # delete the env var, now clearml will once again cache data to your local machine copy_path = dataset.get_local_copy() print(copy_path)

Posted one year ago
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