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Hi All, Please Tell Me How To Get Its Own Task In The Task Executed By Enqueue. I'M Trying To Get It With

Hi all,
Please tell me how to get its own task in the task executed by Enqueue.
I'm trying to get it with Task.current_task() , but I get None.
The reason I want to get my own task is to get CONFIGRATION OBJECTS from my task and process it.

Posted one year ago
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Answers 4

Did you first init the Task?

Posted one year ago

Hi TimelyMouse69 , Thank you for your reply.
It was done with Task.running_locally() .
Thank you very much.

Posted one year ago

Hi TimelyMouse69 , Thank you for your reply.
Requires Task.init() .
Thank you very much.

I would like to ask you one more thing.

Is there a way to determine if it was launched with Enqueue before Task.init() .
1.When starting with Enqueue, get the task with Task.init() .
2. If not started with Enqueue, create a new task with Task.init(project_name=XXX,task_name=XXX) .

Posted one year ago