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I’M Interested In Learning More About Internals Of Clearml Server - For Example, How Elasticsearch, Mongodb, And Redis Are Used Internally. Are There Any Materials Available?

I’m interested in learning more about internals of ClearML Server - for example, how ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and Redis are used internally. are there any materials available?

Posted one year ago
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I'd you've got a self hosted instance you can have a look yourself https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/deploying_clearml/clearml_server_config
But other then that I'm not sure. AnxiousSeal95 any thoughts?

Posted one year ago

I guess I could manually explore different containers and their content 😃 as far as I remember, I had to update Elastic records when we moved to the new cloud provider in order to update model URLs

Posted one year ago

DilapidatedDucks58 , regarding internal workings - MongoDB - all experiment objects are saved there. Elastic - Console logs, debug samples, scalars all is saved there. Redis - some stuff regarding agents I think

Posted one year ago

not quite. for example, I’m not sure which info is stored in Elastic and which is in MongoDB

Posted one year ago

got it, thanks!

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
one year ago