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I’M Interested In Learning More About Internals Of Clearml Server - For Example, How Elasticsearch, Mongodb, And Redis Are Used Internally. Are There Any Materials Available?

I’m interested in learning more about internals of ClearML Server - for example, how ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and Redis are used internally. are there any materials available?

Posted 6 months ago
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I'd you've got a self hosted instance you can have a look yourself https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/deploying_clearml/clearml_server_config
But other then that I'm not sure. AnxiousSeal95 any thoughts?

Posted 6 months ago

I guess I could manually explore different containers and their content 😃 as far as I remember, I had to update Elastic records when we moved to the new cloud provider in order to update model URLs

Posted 6 months ago

DilapidatedDucks58 , regarding internal workings - MongoDB - all experiment objects are saved there. Elastic - Console logs, debug samples, scalars all is saved there. Redis - some stuff regarding agents I think

Posted 6 months ago

got it, thanks!

Posted 6 months ago

not quite. for example, I’m not sure which info is stored in Elastic and which is in MongoDB

Posted 6 months ago
6 Answers
6 months ago
4 months ago