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Hello! I Have A Problem:

Hello! I have a problem: ValueError: Could not download dataset whaen getting local copy. The dataset was uploaded on a /mnt share. The thing is that when trying this out I made a second test dataset with a small subsample of files but exactly same upload script and I am able to get local copy of that dataset, the larger dataset is ~64GB compressed. Anyways, any help or suggested ways of debugging would be much appreciated.

Posted 7 months ago
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No, the samll test dataset has only 32MB. I created the dataset by using Dataset.create(...) datasset.add_files(...) and then dataset.finalize() . I unfortunately dont have s3. I poked around in the saved data on the share and it seems that for some reaseon folders 'data' to 'data_11' have their contents deleted. Whats even weirder is that they were deleted right at the time when i first tried to get a mutable copy today, the other folders are untouched since monday when i created the dataset. I will remake the dataset again, but any ideas why this happened?

Posted 7 months ago

Hi DeliciousKoala34 , is there also an exceptionally large amount of files in that Dataset? How do you create the dataset? What happens if you use something like s3 if you have available?

Posted 7 months ago

It happened again. get_local_copy() worked as expected, but then when I tried:
.get_mutable_local_copy(local_data_path, overwrite=True, raise_on_error=False)contents of evry 'data' folder on the share were deleted and the same error was displayed.

Posted 7 months ago

Are datasets of size 90GB considered HyperDatasets?

Posted 7 months ago
4 Answers
7 months ago
4 months ago