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Hi, I Would Like To Understand The Dataflow When Using Clearml-Data. When I Use Clearml-Data Cli To Get Versioned Data. Does The Data Proxy Though Clearml Server Before Arriving To The Client, Or Clearml-Data Is Directly Pulling From The S3 Storage? Assum

Hi, i would like to understand the dataflow when using clearml-data. When i use clearml-data CLI to get versioned data. Does the data proxy though ClearML Server before arriving to the client, or clearml-data is directly pulling from the S3 storage? Assuming that all datasets are stored in S3 storage. Is it the same in reverse (e.g. sending)?

Posted one year ago
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SubstantialElk6 , the data goes directly from s3 (for example) to the client. It never passes through the ClearML server

Posted one year ago
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago