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There Is A Problem Starting From Clearml 1.7.0 With Python-Fire

There is a problem starting from clearml 1.7.0 with python-fire

` from clearml import Task

import fire

def check(first):

if name == 'main':
fire.Fire() and running python example.py check world This results with an error ValueError: dictionary update sequence element #0 has length 5; 2 is required When downgrading clearml to 1.6.4 ` it works

Posted one year ago
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Answers 8

i didn’t, prefer not to add temporary workarounds

Posted one year ago

try with pip install -U clearml==1.7.2rc1

Posted one year ago

tnx, i just can’t use 1.7.1 because of the pipeline problem from before

Posted one year ago

Hi PricklyRaven28 , can you try with the latest clearml version? 1.7.1

Posted one year ago

looks like it’s working 🙂 tnx

Posted one year ago

Did you try the workaround provided in https://clearml.slack.com/archives/CTK20V944/p1664887550256279 by AgitatedDove14 ?

Posted one year ago

I think this should include both fixes

Posted one year ago

right, it works on 1.7.1

Posted one year ago
8 Answers
one year ago
10 months ago